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Among Us v2021.6.30 Mod is an attractive action game released by Innersloth LLC. The gameplay throws you into becoming one of the outer space astronauts or the destructive impostors of the opposition. The gameplay is similar to Werewolf that you have ever played, giving you the best experience moments.
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Innersloth LLC
July 5, 2021
6.0 and up
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Among Us v2021.6.30 Mod is an attractive action game released by Innersloth LLC. The gameplay throws you into becoming one of the outer space astronauts or the destructive impostors of the opposition. The gameplay is similar to Werewolf that you have ever played, giving you the best experience moments. If you play as an astronaut, you always need to perform repair or troubleshooting tasks for the ship. Activate it so you can bring yourself and the other astronauts back to earth safely.

At the same time, find the impostor who is wreaking havoc in the ship, dividing the astronauts inside to expel him into space. Conversely, if you choose to become an IMPOSTOR impersonator. You need to perform the same duties as the astronauts, but you need to divide them internally, sabotage the ship and argue in front of crew conferences. Perform close to the astronauts, destroy so that you become the last person on the ship. So you have won.

Download Among Us Mod – The battle between the crew and the impostor

With simple gameplay. But to seriously experience this game, you need to have the right mindset, logical reasoning, and a steadfast will to face everything that happens in front of you. Whether you can become an astronaut or an impostor, you need to do well in the assigned tasks. Unlike other werewolf-themed games, Among Us Mod gives you more activities than just finding the impostor or trying to destroy all the astronauts on the ship. You need to perform activities such as repairing the ship, moving the ship’s equipment or machinery and much more.

Players on both sides, good and bad, are wearing astronaut clothes, so it’s hard for us to tell who’s who. We can only think and discern according to your will. Among Us Mod Hack gives players dramatic and attractive gameplay. Give you stressful moments, need to have the right thoughts. Because your choice may be right, but it can also be a wrong move. Accidentally pushing the astronauts to their deaths, helping the impostors get their wish.

Gameplay & game modes

Gameplay allows you to choose the location or spread to play. Online mode allows you to connect with your friends to join this game. This is a fun game, it brings laughter to players when you perform the missions of two factions of astronauts and impostors. The map in the game has up to 14 areas that you need to visit often to perform the task.

Game area & interface

These areas include: Reactor, Upper Engine, Security, Lower Engine, Medbay, Electrical, Storage, cafeteria, O2, admin, communications, weapons, shields, navigation, etc.You can know your location by following track on the submap in the corner of the screen. Among Us Mod has a beautiful interface, with 3D graphics it recreates a realistic spaceship with the astronauts there. Combining more vivid sound promises to give players a great experience when participating there.

Among Us Mod is considered the most interesting game today. If you become an IMPOSTOR impersonator. Soon you’ll be turning into a liar xiaolin. And if you become an astronaut, you train a logical thinking, a will to be steadfast before everything. Throw players into thrilling and extremely stressful levels. You will choose which faction, where the gameplay will go. It’s entirely up to you to decide. Download Hack Among Us version that has integrated Unlock and Function Menu that allows you to play the game easily. As for the utility menu, it helps you to recognize the impostor when you are with the astronaut. Or the feature of no cooldown and easy victory anymore. Surely this mod will help you while playing.

MOD Features of Among Us


  • Can’t sign in with Google.
  • If the installation fails, uninstall the original version before installing the mod .apk file.
  • See more information about MOD versions below to choose the version you like best!

MOD v1

– [ Player Menu ] –

– Show Crew or Impostor
– Move In Meeting
– Report Spam (Meeting Must Start)
– Unlimited Emergencies Meetings
– No Meeting Cooldown
– No Door Cooldown [Impostors]
– Moveable In Vent {NEW}
– Sabotage Lights
– Repair Sabotage
– Teleport Outside/ Inside
– Speed
– Torch Distance
– Fake Impostor (To Change Color Press None Then The Color)
– See Ghost + Chat
– Sabotage (Have Cooldowns)
– Close Doors

– [ Host Menu ] –

– Choose Impostor
– End Vote
– Anti Kick
– End Game [ Impostors Win ] / [ Crew Wins ]
– Instant Win [ Enable Before Starting ]//
– Uno Reverse Vote [Everyone Votes Themselves]
– Anti Vote [You Cant Be Voted]
– Redirect Vote [Take everyones vote and vote a selected colour
– Complete Some Tasks/ All Tasks
– Random Colours

– [ Everyone’s Name Editor (Host) ]

– Lock Recent Message
– Use Text (Static , Custom (Recent Message)
– Text Effect (RGB Animation , RGB Slider)
– RGB Slider (Red , Green , Blue)

– [ Troll Menu (Host) ]

– Enable Troll Menu
– No Kill CD- Freeze Everyone
– Force Begin, Freeze Begin Timer, Everyones Speed, Discussion Timer
– Emegency Cooldown, Number Of Imps, Emegerncy Meetings
– Crew Light (Normal , Remove Everyones , Max Everyones)
– Map (Change Pre Game Lobby)

– [ Text Menu ]

– Text Color/ Size
– Bold / Italic / Underlined / Striked Text

– [ Account Menu ] –

– Unlocked Skins, Pets and Hats

– [ Fun Menu ] –

– Random Hats, Skins, Pets [ Visual To You]
– Force Vote [Fake Voted , Others See]
– Drunk Mode [See Two Maps, Enable Before Entering Game]
– Freeze Light [ Self Explanatory ]
– Shake Camera
– Player Size

– [ Misc Menu ] –

– No Ads
– No Leave Penalty
– Increased Report [Buggy]
– Confirm Injected
– Long Kill
– Player 2/3 = Impostor [Requires Always Impostor Being On]
– Preset Random Usernames
– Custom Name (Recent Message)

– [ Grave Yard Mods – Detected ] –

– No Kill Cooldown
– Force All Enter Vent/ Exit Vent
– Text Picker
– Spam [Text Picker]
– Fake Medbay Scan

– [ Passive ] –

– Chat Always Visible
– Bypass Quick Chat Lock
– Bypassed Guest Authorization {NEW}

___ Modded by Axey ___

MOD v2

Mod Menu

  • 7 categories: Player Mod Slider, Player Mod, Sabotage Mod, Animations, Character, Misc, Host
  • Player Speed Slider
  • Player Ghost Speed Slider
  • Light Radius Slider
  • Use Vent as Crew
  • Chat Always Visible
  • Complete All Tasks
  • No Kill Cooldown (Patched)
  • Active Door Sabotage During Others
  • Can Do Multiple Sabotage
  • Fake Impostor
  • Increase Dead Body Report Distance Slider
  • No Emergency Cooldown
  • Unlimited Emergency Meetings
  • Control Security Cams Zoom (Skeld)
  • Sabotage Lights, Systems
  • Repair Sabotage
  • Sabotage Doors
  • Play Clear Asteroids/ Empty Garbage/ Shields Task Animation
  • Unlock All Hats, Pets, Skins
  • Remove Ads
  • Premium Unlocked
  • Anti-Ban
  • No Leave Penalty
  • Remove Existing Ban
  • Move During Meeting/Tasks/Inside Vents
  • Become Ghost
  • Force Disable Ghost Mod/Fake Alive (If you are the host you can revive players, report body, and vote)
  • Out Of The Game Map (After First Meeting)
  • No Shadows/See Through Walls
  • Can Go Through Closed Doors
  • Free Chat (Change Chat Type from the settings as well)

Host Menu

  • Set Map, Impostor Number Slider, Player Speed Slider, Kill Cooldown Slider, Emergency Meetings Slider
  • Flip Skeld Map

MOD v3

– Unlock all Skins

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1. Tap the downloaded Among Us APK MOD 2021.6.30 (Menu, Unlock) APK file.

2. Touch install.

3. Follow the steps on the screen.